This is an everyday, constant and frustrating battle. Its the battle of the century! WHAT?!?! YOU DIDNT KNOW?!? Well its about to get real because I am going to tell you the difference in the two! Is your makeup photoshoot ready or is it ready for a day out shopping?

I love and appreciate the person who has beautiful flawless makeup BUT I don’t know if many know the difference. Makeup is a beautiful and fun thing to do. Its a passion, a creativeness, and at times an obsession. But there’s a HUGE difference in wearing daily makeup vs. wearing makeup for a photoshoot.

When you wear your daily makeup you shouldn’t look like you have a pound of makeup on your face. Its supposed to look natural and beautiful not like a cake from Publix!

Makeup for photoshoot should always be more exaggerated and pronounced. So if your a MUA and your doing makeup for a wedding GUESS WHAT?!?! There will be cameras on the bride and bridesmaids so yes her makeup has to be a little more exaggerated then normal. You want the brides makeup to last the whole night and not run down her cheeks when she is hugging, kissing and dancing the night away.

So what are some examples:

  1. Interview- Daily wear
  2. Date night with a crush- Daily wear
  3. Beach- Daily wear
  4. Gym- NOTHING! You are going to sweat not party! HAHA
  5. Bride and Bridesmaids- Photoshoot
  6. Boudoir Photoshoot- DUH!!! photoshoot
  7. Night out with the girls- A little heavier than daily wear but lighter than photoshoot
  8. Family Photos- Photoshoot
  9. Bedtime- Please remove your makeup and do a night routine.
  10. I think you get it right?!?

So now do you understand? Its great to look flawless but don’t look like you just walked into an icing factory! (do they even have those?!?!)

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