About me

I’m the creative and artistic mind behind the camera and brushes

Hello! My name is Yohanna and I like warm hugs! I’ve always had a love for photography even at a early age. I decided to start my journey as a wedding planner and photographer in 2008 and as the years passed I realized that even though i enjoy to shoot all things my real passion was Weddings and Boudoir Photography. I decided to specialize in those areas as I just love to empower women of all ages and sizes.

Makeup came with the package of photography. Creativity is my middle name (not really but wouldnt that be cool?) Doing makeup is another way I can express my artistic side and at the same time make women feel beautiful.

Mentoring is something I enjoy doing. When I was a little girl my aunt, who is a teacher, would take me with her and I was her “assistant” for the day. It always gave me a tingling sensation to know that my experience and knowledge can be useful to someone else who is passionate about something.

In the midst of it all, I am also a single mother of 3 very I mean VERY active kids. They motivate me to work harder and to never give up.

“My style is unique and random. But I think it’s important that it still makes sense.” ~ Jess Glynne


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