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OMG I’m so glad you are here! First off let me introduce myself… My name is Yohanna and I like warm hugs! HA! I am the photographer behind the lens, the entrepreneur and a mentor to other business professionals. As a photographer, I am very passionate about photography and I love to capture those moments you will treasure for generations to come.

When I’m not shooting I am busy being a mommy to 3 beautiful kids! Yup you read that correctly… it wasn’t a typo I said it 3 kids! They are funny, energetic and very entertaining!

Besides being a photographer you want to know more about me? SHHH its a secret but Ill tell you:

1. I’m a certified wedding planner! WHAT?!?! I KNOW RIGHT!!! So when I started my business I started as a wedding planner and although I don’t do wedding planning as much I still enjoy to do them and I occasionally do them.

2. I’m a makeup artist too! I am very passionate about empowering women and one way to do that is to make women feel beautiful by pampering them with makeup. Did you know that when you book a boudoir session with me it includes makeup services?!?!

Exquis For You Ludybett Alba

Ludybett manages all of our social media accounts. She maintains all of our social media platforms up to date. PLUS she is my sister so she is automatically cool!

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Ludybett Alba

Social Media Guru
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Crystal is AMAZING!!! She is the companies business coach who oversees our marketing strategies, our products and our networking meetings. She teaches in our mentoring programs and gives personalized solutions to our business growth. PLUS she LOVES notebooks like me HA!

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Crystal Millan

Business Coach/Consultant

Veronica is the founder and CEO of the Inez studio. She is the team leader who keeps the creative and enthusiastic spirit in the team.

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