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Being a makeup artist is fun and it lets your creative side come out. To me its like painting a canvas. You can use different color combinations and different brushes to get the perfect makeup look.

When I started doing makeup I seriously had no idea what to do. I would seriously look like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show! HAHA!  But guess what I kept on practicing not only on myself but on others as well. Everyone has  different a face structure and when doing makeup you must be aware of that. Do you want your client to look like a clown when they leave your chair? UMMMM NOOOO! I have 3 easy tips for the beginner, self taught, professional, etc Makeup Artist.


UMMM YEAH! You should always get to know your client. If you cant meet with them physically make sure you get on Skype or a live chat. You need to be able to see their bone structure, skin tone, eye shape, skin blemishes and my most important hair and eye color! Why hair and eye color? Well not every makeup goes well with every hair color and eye color. VERY IMPORTANT!


This is HUGE to me! Have you ever gone to a makeup store like M.A.C and one of their employees with horrible makeup greet you? NOOOOO why is that? (raise your hand if you know) DING DING DING!!! Yeah all their makeup artist look like makeup artist! Who would’ve thought right? Would you train at the gym with a trainer who was out of shape? NOOOO right? So as makeup artist you have to look the part. Make sure your makeup is flawless because remember first impression is always the last impression.


I follow some amazing makeup artist on IG and sometimes I wonder… “Wow these MUA (makeup artist) are amazing but how come I only see their face and their makeup looks?” So here’s the thing… Most people can do their own makeup but my question is can you do makeup on someone else? I’m sure you can so why not showcase it?!?! JUST DO IT!!! Yes you are gorgeous but potential clients love to see past clients and their experiences.


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